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Neglect And Its Impact

Gratitude for:

  1. Having the opportunity to attend the training on 'Understanding Neglect And Its Impact In Adolescence' provided by Leicester Safeguarding Children Partnership Board steered amazingly by Jane Wiffin. I appreciated far more of the pervasive nature of early neglect and how it erodes mental, physical, spiritual and behavioural wellbeing. I look forward to the new tool that will be offered in the new year to guide better practice.

  2. A course that was bedded on a sister offering by Leicester, ' Core Awareness In Safeguarding Children & Young People.' Liz Dunn solidified all of the key components to understand, recognise and report safeguarding matters.

Journal Of Success Entry

Meeting new colleagues; refreshing knowledge of the basic foundation of safeguarding; contributing to lively (online Teams') discussions; readying from the new tools being rolled out in the new year; a new appreciation of the explaining the rationale and evidence of a belief in a report; encouraged to really delve into the causal factors; knowledge of how early years neglect can still be impacting in adolescence; embracing and communicating with all parties and disciplines

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