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Amanda Haran Textile Artist_edited_edite

Manifestus, from the Latin 'to make things obvious'

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I believe (and will try to remember these key intentions often, as I can find my art all-consuming) in a creativity which will

  • See all creative experiences as adventures, even if 'difficult.'

  • Engage with kindness (be generous, caring and helpful), compassion (have concern for others and the planet), and consideration (give careful thought). Be mindful of boundaries, energy and guilt.

  • Adapt practices to get the best out of Nature, locality, materials, time, budgets and means available, being prepared to learn and grow as the creative exercise progresses.

  • Minimize carbon emissions, waste, and material consumption through circular economy concepts governed by 'Think Local 7RS' and discuss with collaborators using active listening.

  • Channel emotions, thoughts and memories to use creativity as a means of expression and self-discovery.

  • Strive for (internal) joy in every moment by seeking out the things, people, and processes that bring happiness and incorporate them into the artistic practice.

I am determined to improve my person-centred textile practice, the community it serves, and the global environment by keeping an open mind, sharing and using the available resources to grow and learn.


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