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Amanda Haran Art Textile Quilt Artist
Walking Forest Collaboration_edited_edit


As an artist and citizen, I'm driven by a passionate curiosity for exploring the power of the little things and looking at these slowly and wholeheartedly. I'm a creative therapist, psychotherapist, and empath with a desire to start a kindness revolution
(albeit relatively quietly and gently, using small words where possible).

One act of compassion at a time.

For me, creativity is a form of meditation. It lets me channel my emotions and feelings into my art, allowing the materials to respond organically. There are no mistakes in the creative process, just as there are no mistakes in life - everything has its unique purpose and beauty.

I have found that even the tiniest thing, whether a discarded object from the bin or a word, can invoke memory, emotion, and physical response. My work combines weaving, hand and machine embroidery with found, castoff treasures and repurposed items to create art that explores sentiment or life events.

I love collaborating and connecting and hope my enthusiasm for finding the creativity or beauty in the overlooked is shared.

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