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Are you familiar with Lorina Bulwer, the Victorian embroidery artist once incarcerated in Great Yarmouth's workhouse? Despite being classified as a 'lunatic', Lorina found solace and an outlet for her inner turmoil through the art of embroidery. Using recycled and 'used' materials, she stitched long samplers of letters to tell her story and assert her existence in a world where she felt locked down and unheard.

Lorina's story is truly inspiring and can teach us a valuable lesson about the power of creativity and self-expression. Embroidery became Lorina's voice when no one wanted to listen, allowing her to communicate her inner self in a way that words alone could not.

Even more remarkable is that Lorina's embroidery was not about perfection or technical skill but about expression and communication. She used minimal stitches and only upper case letters, which were faster and easier to embroider.

So why not take inspiration from Lorina's pioneering spirit and try stitching your piece using her method? Let's embrace the imperfections and focus on the power of self-expression. After all, Lorina's story reminds us that art can be a powerful tool for asserting our existence and sharing our inner selves with the world.

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