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  • Having trouble quietening your mind?

  • Is that inner voice whispering you're too busy?

  • But, 'I'm no good at art stuff'

  • Put everyone else first?

  • Worried that you'll do it wrong?

  • 'People will laugh at my efforts'


If, like me, these inner dialogues and states are stopping you from picking up your needle and caring for yourself, then let me talk to you as a psycho-hypnotherapist (another of my hats)

Fellow women have designed this project, made and posted out a pack, and are waiting for your contribution.  They believe in you and want you to find some peace

What have you got to lose?  You've got to be worth taking the time to listen for four minutes?  That's all it will take and, it's FREE!

YOU ARE WORTH 4 MINUTES - Mindful Stitching PreparationAmanda Haran Textile Artist And Psychotherapist
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