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What To Do On International

Women's Day

Clootie Tree Market Bosworth

The theme of International Women's Day 2021 is #ChooseToChallenge. We'd love for you to join in, show your willingness to challenge, and come together on this day. After all, those of you with a pack have it made from the sashes of suffrage

Today we're going to form a virtual village in a clootie tradition, wherever you find yourself. The Scot's word 'clootie' means cloth. Periodically people would tie strips of cloth, even clothing (make it non-synthetic) to ancient sites and trees, usually around a water source


The hope would be that the practice would manifest good health, a cure, a better year... We need that now more than ever


Here's the cunning plan:

  • Cut a ribbon shape from the fabric in the pack (if you received one) or any other bit of cloth that you can tie around something outside (old dishcloth etc)

  • Have a think about a feeling, thought, or memory that you'd like to get rid of and stitch or write it onto your ribbon

  • Go outside and tie your ribbon to a place it can blow your concerns away on the wind and enjoy

  • Take a picture and send it to me at:

Insta - @amandaharantextileartist

FB - amandaharantextileartist

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