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On Now

Come and see the

first outing of our

Arts Council England

'Sew What?' mindful stitching event

and the collaborative lantern artwork

A sneaky peek at the work

achieved to date combining your

hand-stitched ribbons of suffrage from

Artichoke's 2018 'PROCESSIONS' artwork

Amanda Haran kiss mark

Amanda Haran

'...a contemporary textile and mixed media artist based in Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Nottinghamshire and the
Midlands, UK.  
As an empath, and with a family history of generations in weaving, she blends textiles’ tiny stitches with the lost and discarded.
Amanda creates therapeutic artworks that are repurposed embroideries, often with groups, that communicate the depths of the
mind, emotion, and life events.'  
Vanessa Koeller