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Sew What?

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Mindful Stitch Project Instructions Amanda haran Textile Artist

After Artichoke's Processions 2018 project, the banner makers had become so united and enthused with naturally looked to where the next opportunity to keep the group alive and vital would come from. It was a desire in me that the ending of the 'Sew What?' should allow an easy transition into other mindful, stitch and gentle protest activities

Should you want to add a legacy that you wish to run just drop me an email

To date, the following have been agreed or being embryonically considered, but the list can grow as you see fit:

  • 'Stitch, Stick & Bitch' - a monthly group led by Gilly Hayes

  • 'Master Class: Stitched Banner And The Art of Gentle Activism' - part of the 2022 Daniel Lismore Exhibition, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry

  • The Princes' Trust - basic mindful stitch techniques to create a decorative item of pride and self​

  • Banner-making in a ward of Coventry to create their own banner that unites their causes

  • Banner-making with Array Collective as part of their Turner Prize Community Engagement Programme

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