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An Introduction To Madhubani Indian Folk Art

Gratitude for the opportunity to join Bandana Agarwal and London Drawing Group on this whistle-stop tour of Madhubani Indian folk art.

Detail from Amanda Haran's sketchbook whilst learning Madhubani folk art on a course with Banian Agarwal
Madhubani Sketchbook Learnings

Key things I loved:

  1. Madhu means honey, and bani means forrest

  2. Is intended to be an art form that is accessible to all

  3. Came from a legend about the celebration of a marriage

  4. Is drawn on the outer walls of buildings, with the entire area covered

  5. A limited colour palette, clear lines, filled backgrounds, repetitive designs and, images with symbolic meanings

  6. The women created these paintings as an illustration of their thoughts, hopes and dreams

  7. Reminded me of the 2018 Procession's sashes that were made by Indian women and have been gifted to me to design a project to celebrate International Women's Day 2021



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