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The Art Of The Vulva - London Drawing Group & Sextile

Not your traditional Sunday evening, but the Zoom vulva making workshop offered with a lecture on the portrayal of the female body in art history, was amazing. Artist Angela Wooi and Luisa from London Drawing Group dolloped their knowledge, enthusiasm and skills with such generosity on each one of us. I was so grateful to have the lockdown art opportunity to join this open-hearted contemporary group in their stitch, bitch and learn workshop.

Learning new acronyms such as V.I.Y which I now know to be 'Vulva It Yourself', was just the start to this unique evening. After hand sewing scraps from a repurposed office work suit together with second-hand zips, buttons and feathers, as they promised I created 'a vulva (that was definitely) as unique as your own!'

And hand sewn fabric vulva created after participation in the London Drawing Group's course run by Angela Wooi.
Textile Vulva Made From Repurposed Man's Suit



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