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Europe's Festival Of Quilts 2020: Wilderness Quilt

Spent nine weeks of lockdown either free machine stitching under the sewing machine or on my hands and knees to hand embroider the detail of my entry of Wilderness Quilt in art quilt category of Europe's largest quilt competition. My back and arms knew and held the effort for days after completion, as did my head as it had been a hugely therapeutic and emotionally demanding process to bring it to a finish. 

Thanks must go to, Anne Bruntlett of Loose Threads for teaching me the importance of reading and then abiding by the rules of entry; Amelia Horton of KECs for her patience in the heat of the photographic studio on the year to date's hottest day; and to everyone who voted for me.

What a buzz to see the art textile piece as part of the online gallery.

Wilderness Quilt Showing Detail of Repurposed and Stitched Items - Amanda Haran
Wilderness Quilt Showing Detail Of Repurposed And Stitched Items



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