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Cunning Plan For International Women's Day 2021

Gratitude for a number of co-incidences:

  1. Artichoke gifting their unused sashes from the Processions project

  2. The opportunity to learn Madhubani Indian tribal drawing with Bandana Agarwal and London Drawing Group

  3. An impromptu tutoring in journaling systems

  4. The need to create a plan for International Women's Day 2021 at King Edward VI College, Nuneaton.

Which inspired me to create this for a number of presentations and meetings:

An alternative and eye-catching way to present a plan to colleagues.
Creating A Plan Using Madhubani Folk Art - Union Jack Detail

Photograph showing the complete Madhubani folk art generated plan to communicate ideas for International Women's Day.
The Whole Madhubani International Women's Day Plan

The Madhubani International Women's Day detail showing typical imagery and how they were used to create the Indian flag.
Typical Madhubani Imagery To Depict The Indian Flag



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