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I have made my first ever testimonial video in support of Common Threads Project this #GivingTuesday. I have been in awe of this charity since researching the therapeutic interventions textile arts offer. They are my number one protagonist in the field, inspiring me every day through their work to encourage women to 'stitch the unstitchable.'

Take a look at them, be curious, and give if and what you can. Here's how they explain their efforts:

'Survivors of sexual and gender-based violence– even if they are trapped in war zones or displaced as refugees– deserve a full opportunity to heal from the deep psychological wounds they have suffered. But rarely are long-term psychological services available where rape is a pervasive weapon of war.

Inspired by ancient cultural practices and validated by current neuro-scientific understandings of trauma, Common Threads Project has developed a unique and effective group recovery program.

In a safe and supportive environment, women create story cloths to depict experiences that may be hard to express in words. This becomes an entry point for a multi-dimensional therapeutic process. We build local capacity through training and mentoring, build successful interventions and conduct rigorous research.'

Journal Of Success Entry

Enjoying contact and discussions with Common Threads Project;

researching and learning how to make a video using your iPhone; joy of sharing important stories and therapeutic arts interventions; hitting pledge for #givingtuesday; new friends and contacts



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