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The Start Of The Body - Choose To Challenge

Gratitude for Rachael Talbot and her team of trusty KEC's volunteers who have started the pack for International Women's Day 2021 (IWD).

The theme for next year's IWD is #ChooseToChallenge. This group did indeed choose to challenge by scouring the college for rubbish bound products; these were repurposed into spools to hold the engagement pack donated threads from Leicester Embroiderers' Guild and Jeudis Mixed Media Exhibiting Group. To enhance the feeling of human connection the volunteers added positive messages to each spool body, the words of which will be revealed during the sewing process as the thread gets used. The punched hole will have recycled sari yarn tied through it, as a decorative feature and also promoting a remembering of the Indian women who manufactured the Processions 2018 women's votes sashes that will be make up the fabric of the International Women's Day engagement pack.

Journal Of Success Entry

Taking a risk and linking on LinkedIn to a new colleague;

researching IWD and applying for logo rights; explaining an arts concept and objectives and getting others to be inspired and do; asking for help from other groups I am a member in; communication and keeping up to date on the process; meeting new people; enjoying seeing others succeed and grow

Thank you!

Spools made from old packaging cardboard with hand written message by the maker which will be revealed as the thread is used, inspiring human connection and hope on International Women's Day 2021
Recycled Inspiration Spools Ready For Donated Embroidery Threads



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